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Hands Off Latin America!

March:  Friday 12 October 2012

5:00 – 6.00pm Assemble at US Embassy, Grosvenor Square   W1A 1AE (Bond Street tube)
6.007.00pm Lonmin  HQ SW1X 7YL, Embassy of Spain   SW1X 8SB, Embassy of Peru     SW1X 9SP
7:00 – 8.00pm Rally in front of Colombia and Ecuador Embassies  SW1X OLS (Knightsbride tube)
9.00 – 12.00pm Celebration of Resistance Students’ Union, Institute of Education WC1H 0AL (Piccadilly line to Russell Square)

Cajamarca Youth Invitation to March Against Mining

Once again Tolima, Colombia and the rest of the world will come together to show that we oppose the so-called "mining locomotive" being imposed upon us by the Colombian government.  It does not take into account the dignity of the people, our sacred territories, our flora and fauna, our mountains, water and life on our territory.  We will take to the streets in a peaceful manner with joy, unity, love, happiness, and environmental awareness, as part of the fourth march to defend life in our territories.

Young people say no to the mine


Amazon Indigenous Support Cauca Mobilizations

The Indigenous organizations and communities of Macro Amazonia have issued a statement relating to the current situation of violence and human rights violations and infringement of international human rights law that our indigenous brothers and sisters are suffering in the department of Cauca and, in general, on a national level.

Amazon Indigenous


Lands and Conflict: Extractive Industries in Colombia

CED-INS (Corporación para el Desarrollo y la Investigación Popular – Instituto Nacional Sindical) have launched a newsletter Lands and Conflict: Extractive Industries in Colombia. This is in a context in which, over recent years, huge swathes of land have been handed over by the government to multinationals in the extractive industries sector.  Given that such industries pose a risk to the livelihoods of many communities throughout the country, it has been considered necessary to systematically analyze the strategies and impacts associated with them.

Colombia minera


Making it Happen in Villa Rica

The attack on Villa Rica police station on 2 Feb 2012 left eight dead, 32 wounded and 48 people whose homes were damaged by the explosion. Two members of the community – Deinar Mancilla and Jota Ramos – decided to make house-by-house visits in the area of the bomb, known as “ La 20” Neighbourhood, calling people to a meeting to discuss matters related to the help that we might offer as a group to families affected by the explosion.

A working party

A working Party


Mainstream media echoes military lies

From very early on Tuesday 17th July, 2012, the roads in the North of Cauca department, Colombia, were filled with with chiva buses carrying hundreds of indigenous community members to the municipality of Toribio. Armed only with their indigenous staffs (bastones), which symbolise the autonomy of indigenous communities in Colombia, their intention was clear: they wanted the immediate withdrawal of the government forces and FARC guerrillas that have turned their territories into a living hell.

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London Mining Network


The London Mining Network (LMN) is an alliance of human rights, development and environmental groups. We pledge to expose the role of companies, funders and government in the promotion of unacceptable mining projects.

Frontline Latin America