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Friday, 29 August 2008 15:43

Climate Camp Radio interviews Andy from Colombia Solidarity Campaign and Fidel from Movimiento Ecuador UK as part of the Latin America day at the Camp for Climate Action in 2008.

Audio is clipped at the beginning, the interviewer asks - Why are you here at the Climate Camp? 



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Recording by Climate Camp Radio

Welcome to Climate Camp Radio, we will be broadcasting from the Camp For Climate Action from the 3rd to the 10th of August 2008. Alongside camp announcements, the shows will cover happenings on and off the camp, and discuss relevant issues

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Latin America segment of the programme

0.00 report from research network trip to Colombia by Andy from Colombia Solidarity (indigenous people' struggles for survival, western corporations exploits and coal mining).
4.00 Fidel talks about experiences from Ecuador. He highlights similarities, but also the fundamental differences in its political systems, mentioning a new constitution, the first one to include nature's Rights, Pacha Mama. Meaning any citizen in Ecuador could sue anybody who may be seen as violating nature's rights. Examples of struggles and alternatives,
13.30 Andy responds with reflections on other situations in Latin America.