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Colombian network against large scale transnational mining is launched Print
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Thursday, 25 February 2010 13:06


In the context of the grave economic, political and social crisis which Colombia is experiencing, the major owners of capital have continued strengthening their methods of accumulation throughout the national territory, especially on the basis of the policy of handing over our natural and mineral riches to transnational companies, which the national government outlined in "Vision 2019: Colombia as a mining country".

This process of concentrating wealth, which basically involves appropriating the territories which guarantee the sustenance of the varying populations of Colombia, has generated numberless conflicts resulting from harsh militarisation, worsening of armed confrontations, human rights violations, superexploitation and impoverishment of communities and workers, degradation of the environment and generalised corruption, which undermine the processes of participation and decision-making which have been established in the regions.

According to official sources, by the end of last year the government had handed over around five million hectares in mineral concessions to transnational mining companies, and others were being sought, more than those allocated for agriculture. At a time, between 2002 and 2009, when foreign investment in mining increased by over 500%, exployment in the sector fell.

In the last few years, different processes of resistance to large-scale mining have been developed, and as a result of these, on 12 and 13 February various organisations, national, regional and local, Afrodescendants, small farmers, students, environmentalists, small and medium scale miners, people working as both farmers and miners, urban and indigenous communities, centres of study, intellectuals and unions, met together in the city of Bogota to share visions and experiences as part of the process of realising our dreams of sovereignty.

Today we present to the country the birth of the COLOMBIAN NETWORK ON LARGE SCALE TRANSNATIONAL MINING, which proposes to do the following:

  1. Struggle against large scale transnational mining

  2. Struggle against the laws of plunder

  3. Defence of life, the ability to live in one's own territory, and national sovereignty

In order that this be a broad, democratic, plural and grassroots initiative, we invite all organisations and social processes in Colombia that are affected by large scale transnational mining to unite with us in this network.


Asociación Agropecuaria de Caramanta - ASAP Caramanta

Asociación Campesina Bien Andantes- Sucre Cauca.

Asociación Consejo Regional del Pueblo Nasa del Putumayo Kwe'sx  Ksxa'w

Asociación de Familias Campesinas - BIABUMA

Asociación Minga

CENSAT - Agua Viva

Centro de estudios del Carbón y la Gran Minería

Centro de Estudios del Trabajo CEDETRABAJO.

Centro de Estudios Jurídicos y Sociales -Tierra Digna

Colectivo de soberanía Recursos Naturales y Minero-Energéticos

Comisión de Seguimiento y Vigilancia del Páramo El Almorzadero

Comisión Intereclesial de Justicia Y Paz

Comité de Integración del Macizo Colombiano - CIMA

Comité de Integración Social del Catatumbo - CISCA

Comunidades Afrodescendientes de las zonas humanitarias y de Biodiversidad del Curvaradó y Jiguamiandó

Comunidades de Nuevo Cañaveral, Alto Guayabal, Urada, Departamento de Chocó

Corporación Aury Sará Marrugo

Corporación Colectivo de Abogados José Alvear Restrepo

Corporación Colectivo de Abogados LUIS CARLOS PÉREZ

Corporación Compromiso

Corporación Observatorio Social y Ambiental del Tolima - Coalas

Corporación para la Educación, el Desarrollo y la Educación Popular - Instituto Nacional Sindical - CEDINS

Corporación Sembrar

Corporación Social para la Asesoría y Capacitación Comunitaria - COSPACC

Emprendedores por la Ecología y la Tierra - ECOSTIERRA

Federación Agrominera del Sur de Bolívar -FEDEAGROMISBOL

Federación de Mineros de Oro, Plata y Platino FEDORO

Federación de Mineros y Balasteros del Eje cafetero

Federación Santandereana de mineros FESAMIN

Federación Unitaria de Trabajadores Mineros, Enegéticos, Metalúrgicos, Químicos y de Industrias similares - FUNTRAENERGÉTICA

Indígenas Embera Katio

Mineros de Samaniego

Organización Nacional Indígena de Colombia - ONIC

Proceso de Comunidades Negras - PCN

Pueblo Cofam

Red Antorcha

Red Colombiana de Acción Frente el Libre Comercio - RECALCA

Red de Hermandad y Solidaridad con Colombia - REDHER

Red Mateo Kramer

Resguardo de Chidima-Tolo

Resguardo de Urada- Jiguamiandó

Resguardo San Luis Alto Picudito del Municipio de Villagarzón, Resguardo  Kwinas Çxamb (Alto Lorenzó) Municipio de Puerto Asís

Sindicato de Trabajadores de la Minería en Colombia - SINTRAMINERCOL

Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores de la Industria del Carbón - SINTRACARBÓN



London Mining Network


The London Mining Network (LMN) is an alliance of human rights, development and environmental groups. We pledge to expose the role of companies, funders and government in the promotion of unacceptable mining projects.