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Mainstream media echoes military lies

From very early on Tuesday 17th July, 2012, the roads in the North of Cauca department, Colombia, were filled with with chiva buses carrying hundreds of indigenous community members to the municipality of Toribio. Armed only with their indigenous staffs (bastones), which symbolise the autonomy of indigenous communities in Colombia, their intention was clear: they wanted the immediate withdrawal of the government forces and FARC guerrillas that have turned their territories into a living hell.


Statement from Indigenous Councils of North Cauca following Events in Cerro Berlín

Today, 18 July 2012, in the early morning, a group, members of the Mobile Anti-Disturbance Squadron (ESMAD) arrived at the sacred site of Cerro El Berlin. Towards 5 a.m., with the use of tear gas and home-made bombs and constant threats that army troops would come to support them, they tried to evict the Indigenous Guard in charge of the communication towers, guarding our sacred site.


Viva La Minga! Planton Londres 20 de julio frente la embajada colombiana

Carta al Embajador
Londres 20 de julio, 2012

Señor Embajador:


Villa Rica Police Station Bombing

Villa Rica, in tears after the violent attack, is raising its voice calling for peace and asking for the police station to be rebuilt outside the area where people live.

In the first half of February, two attacks on the police caused the death of Colombian civilians in two different Afro-Colombian localities, with some of the most vulnerable sectors of Colombian people, Tumaco in Nariño, and Villa Rica in the Cauca region.


30,000 March Against La Colosa

Last Tuesday 5 June, the streets of the city of Ibagué were filled with the people of Tolima, united in their call to defend life, their water sources and territory. Over 30,000 people participated in the third march against large-scale mining, emphatically rejecting open cast mining, specifically the La Colosa mining project, currently being proposed by AngloGold Ashanti, and located in the Central Forest Reserve of Colombia.

View footage of the march.



London Protests against Mining Abuses in Colombia and Peru


Photo Credit: Amnesty London Photography

On 1 June Colombians, Latin Americans, British people, and people from other countries peacefully gathered outside the Colombian embassy in London in solidarity with the people of Tolima, Colombia, whose livelihoods are under threat by the devastating consequences posed by the La Colosa gold mining project.  The picket outside the Colombian embassy was timed to coincide with a march in Ibagué (the nearest major city in the area) on 5 June, when thousands of people are expected to take to the streets to voice their opposition to the mining project.  The demonstration was well-attended, during which slogans were chanted in English and Spanish to reinforce the message that water and food sovereignty are more important than gold.  The protest culminated with this letter being handed to Colombian embassy officials by representatives of various social and environmental organizations from London.  The letter expresses concern about the AngloGold Ashanti gold mining project, and presents several reasons why this project should not go ahead.

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