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Paro Agrario/ Agrarian Strike

The Friday pickets of the Colombian Embassy in London have been suspended awaiting outcome of negotiations between the farmers’ platform and the government.

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Anonymous Eyewitness Report

URGENT: Take action to protect our threatened Colombian partners


London Branch 7pm prompt Tuesday 15 October

Finfuture, 225 - 229 Seven Sisters Road, London N4 2DA. (Finsbury Park tube)

La Colosa: Gold vs. Life in the Colombian Andes
Presentation and read through of the full report.


The Colombian Government sows terror: the cases of Cajamarca and Castilla (Tolima)


José Antonio Gutiérrez D.

As examples of the unprecedented criminal violence with which the social protest has been repressed here are the cases of two localities in the department of Tolima: the municipality of Cajamarca and the community of Castilla in the municipality of Coyaima. It must be stressed that these are not exceptional cases, rather two more cases of the officially-endorsed violence against the people that has assailed the whole country.

Image of one of those wounded by a bullet in Castilla, Coyaima, Tolima

Image of one of those wounded by a bullet in Castilla, municipality of Coyaima (Tolima)


‘Flying pickets’ swoop on London mining companies’ offices demanding justice for Colombian farmers

A dozen ‘flying pickets’ visited the London offices of mining multinationals Glencore Xstrata, Anglo American and BHP Billiton yesterday, demanding that they abandon plans to evict the small farming community of Roche in Colombia.

The three companies together own the massive Cerrejon opencast coal mine in the Colombian province of La Guajira. The village of Roche is in the path of mine expansion. Negotiations aimed at relocation of the eight families still living in the village had stalled over the amount of compensation villagers will receive for years of disruption to their livelihoods, health and community life, and the amount of land they will need to continue their cattle herding. Villagers have been dismayed at the contempt shown to them by company negotiators.


El Cerrejon Mine in Colombia attacks communities ¡NO PASARAN!

Scenes from Tabaco 2001. Stop this from happening again.


2pm Tuesday 27 August
Meet Green Park tube station, for flying picket of mining companies.


Good News! Mari Soliana is free!

Information released by her family on facebook

"Well the big moment came SOLIANA COLORADO MARI free, justice was served, dear GOD thanks .... for now I invite arrival home, come and greet MARI today in the afternoon arrival - Accompany us, THOUSAND THOUSAND thanks to all those who believed in her innocence God bless you. "

We go a text message over the weekend specifically thanking the Campaign and friends in UK for support. We thank Caribbean Labour Solidarity and all others involved

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Comité Ambiental en Defensa de la Vida

Ibagué, 11 May 2013


Dear Shareholders,

As you evaluate the development of your mining projects in Colombia, we consider it to be important that, in your analysis, you consider aspects that pertain to an environmental, social and human reality, which most likely will not reach you through those who are managing these projects in our country.

We, the undersigned, are organizations representing many individuals particularly affected by the La Colosa project (located in the municipality of Cajamarca, Tolima).  We are also seriously concerned about a government policy that, in partnership with you, plans to carry out large-scale open-pit mining in our region and throughout the Colombian territory.

Since the inception of this government policy, eight years ago, large sectors of civil society have mobilised, to vehemently reject large-scale mining as a development model for our country.  This sentiment has become stronger as the impacts of mining, and of the thirst for gold, have become clearer to us.  We are highly disturbed about the prospect of a breakdown of social order, peace, territorial sovereignty and equality.  We have three central points in our message to you:

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