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Muriel up against the wall in Colombia

Court rules company failed to consult local people

A highly controversial new mining project in Colombia has been halted by court order, because the operating company failed to consult with local communities.

Over the past year Muriel Mining's Mande Norte operations have been vigorously attacked by a number of organisations inside and outside Colombia.

So, too,  has Rio Tinto's association with Muriel: the UK-Australian giant has an option agreement to "farm-in" to a future mine or its profits.

Police assault BP oil workers in colombia

Workers at the BP processing plant at Tauramena, part of the Cusiana oil field in Casanare, Colombia went on strike on 22 January 2010 for improved wages. It was the first such labour stoppage in 18 years. On 15 February the notorious ESMAD 'anti-mutiny' police brutally attacked the workers picket line and the local community with teargas and beatings, three workers were hospitalised. The workers are members of the national Oil Workers Union USO that has only been able to organise in BP plants in the last year.




UBS: shame on YOU! International Day of Action

International Day of Action - 5pm on Friday19 March at UBS HQ, 100 Liverpool Street  

"You. It's not just a word. It's a commitment."  (UBS publicity)



Urgent action: Leaders of Colombian Wayuu People Go into Exile to Escape Violence

Last October, Wayuu Indigenous leader Karmen Ramirez Boscan was in London as a guest of the Colombia Solidarity Campaign. She came to Britain for the AGM of mining multinational BHP Billiton, which is one of the three multinational owners of the Cerrejon coal mine (the other two are Anglo American and Xstrata. All three are listed on the London Stock Exchange. The largest shareholder in Xstrata is the private Swiss company Glencore.) Since returning to Colombia, Karmen and her colleagues have suffered threats from paramilitaries for their organisational work and their criticisms of the Cerrejon mine's operations. Karmen's organisation, Fuerza de Mujeres Wayuu, has issued the following Urgent Action.


Colombian network against large scale transnational mining is launched


In the context of the grave economic, political and social crisis which Colombia is experiencing, the major owners of capital have continued strengthening their methods of accumulation throughout the national territory, especially on the basis of the policy of handing over our natural and mineral riches to transnational companies, which the national government outlined in "Vision 2019: Colombia as a mining country".


Urgent Action: BP Oil Workers Action in Casanare Colombia - Police Repression

Urgent Action: BP Oil Workers Action in Casanare Colombia - Police Repression

Workers at the BP plant at Tauramena, part of the Cusiana oil field in Casanare, Colombia have been protesting since 22 January 2010 for improved wages.

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