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Statement from Indigenous Councils of North Cauca following Events in Cerro Berlín Print
Saturday, 28 July 2012 16:34

Today, 18 July 2012, in the early morning, a group, members of the Mobile Anti-Disturbance Squadron (ESMAD) arrived at the sacred site of Cerro El Berlin. Towards 5 a.m., with the use of tear gas and home-made bombs and constant threats that army troops would come to support them, they tried to evict the Indigenous Guard in charge of the communication towers, guarding our sacred site.

There was no press to report the aggressions to which we were subjected. At present, there are 26 indigenous people injured: four by homemade bomb, another by gunshot wound and around ten indigenous people whose whereabouts is currently unknown; this is a clear demonstration of the methods used by the state. The officials of the Town Defence that arrived were also attacked by ESMAD.

As a result of this aggression on the part of the official forces, the details of the injured parties were reported only at midday today:

Seen at the Medical Facility of the State of Cxacuye (Empresa Social del Estado Cxacuye):

1. Nelson Casamachín, member of the Alvaro Ulcué Chocué Youth Movement with injuries from shots from a 'trufly' (True-Flite) rifle, shrapnel and small bullet wounds all over the body, transferred to Santander de Quilichao (medical facility). He has a small bullet lodged in his waist.

2. Celio Vitonás Yatacué, from Aguablanca, reservation of Toribio, ear trauma resulting from an explosion.

The remaining injured people are still in the mountains and it has not been possible to evacuate them or provide medical attention due to the constant pressure and aggression exerted by the official forces and members of ESMAD.

3. Albeiro Mestizo Casamachín, leg injuries from barbed wire.

4. Heriberto Secue, shrapnel in the neck.

5. Alejandro Paví Cometa. Fractured right shoulder resulting from beating.

6. Andrés Antonio Calambás (of La Laguna reservation, Caldono), shrapnel in the face.

7. Luis Angel Paví (non resident of Toribio) bullet wound to left nipple and shrapnel in the body.

8. Ovidio Baicue, coordinator of the Indigenous Guard of the settlement of Berlin, reservation of San Francisco, shrapnel in the face.

9. Marino Opocué of vereda Aguablanca, Toribio reservation, shrapnel in the right leg, grazes to the back.

10. John Jadir Poto Julicué, el Flayó, San Francisco reservation, dazed due to ear trauma.

11. Arbey Pavi Casso, Barrio El paraíso, Toribio municipality, blow to the spine and scratch to the neck, at present he has difficulties walking.

12. Trino Paví, commentator on indigenous radio station Radio Nasa, injured right arm and shrapnel in the left side of back.

13. Luis, Manzano settlement, encephaletic cranial trauma; surname unknown at present.

Also we condemn the murder of indigenous citizen Eduar Fabián Güetio, 22 years old, from the indigenous reserve La Laguna-Siberia (Caldono), and call for the investigation of the members of the official forces responsible for this deplorable act.

Finally we call upon human rights organisations, the Ombudsman's Office, the Human Rights Ombudsperson and the Interamerican Commission of Human Rights to verify and stand against these acts which affect the civil population, maintaining their role as protectors.

Assembly of Indigenous Councils of North Cauca (ACIN)
ACIN-Cxhab Wala kiwe

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