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Friday, 29 February 2008 17:56


10am - 6pm Saturday the 1st of March 2008

Latin America is in a crucial stage of transition. Right now, history is unfolding before our eyes with dynamic movements changing the face of the continent. The Bristol Latin American Forum, which is now in its third consecutive year, invites you to explore these current issues in a stimulating political and cultural event

The forum will be webcast live from here on Saturday between about 11am and 6pm





10am - 6pm Saturday, 1st of March 2008
at the Department of Hispanic, Portuguese & Latin American Studies, University of Bristol

    * ALVARO SANCHEZ – Venezuelan Consular to the UK & Ireland.
    * AMANCAY COLQUE - Bolivia Solidarity Campaign Co-ordinator.
    * ANDY HIGGINBOTTOM - Editor of Frontline Latin America.

Workshops on:

    * The links between music and politics: live performances by LA musicians.
    * Capoeira - an expression of Afro-Brazilian resistance culture.
    * Climate change in Latin America: palm-oil and bio-fuels.
    * Continuing repression in Colombia, and more. 


As the Forum happens we will be webcasting the presentations live so if you cant make it on the day watch this space:

Click on the 'speech-bubble' icon on the bottom right of the video window to ask questions (a comments box will open in a new window).


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Live webcasting of workshops with interactive discussions is also be available at




We have now announced the line up for the afterparty which as always provides an informal space to get to know each other better, relax, socialise and have a lot of fun after the days activities whilst raising some crucial cash that helps us to make the Forum a free/donation event.

WHERE: KUUMBA 20-23 Hepburn Rd. St. Pauls
WHEN: 9am - 2pm, SAT 1st of March,
COST: £5, £4 Unwaged

This year we have three amazing bands spanning a range of Latin American styles and incorporating european influences, celebrating the old and embracing the new:


16 Piece fat live salsa creol band, crystalised in Bristol. Fat contemporary arrangements of Salsa classics, playing Descarga Mambo, Boogaloo, Merengue with Mindful Hip Hop; creatively combined with traditional Afro Cuban folkloric beats, to bring you one of the UK's most exciting orchestras of experimental Salsa.


Rhythms, dances and melodies from the Caribbean coast of Colombia ...... sounds of tambores, voices, flutes and guitars that have been passed down through the generations. As a small child in Colombia, Euridice learnt the songs and dances of her ancestral lands from her grandmother and, later as a young woman, she toured the world performing with her mother, the Cantadora Totó la Momposina. Euridice and her children seek to preserve and develop the music and dance they have inherited - respecting and caring for a rich culture which has its roots in a mixture of African, Indigenous Indian and European influences. As such, this is a living tradition performed from the heart with energy and joy.


Contemporary acoustic music inspired in the traditional rhythms and melodies of African, Amerindian and European folklore in Latin America. El Mercado de Mirán, incorporates the Andalusian cajón beat and Colombian piano of new band members Jorge and Raimundo alongside Miranda on vocals and Julian on guitar bringing the European sound of the melodica into their spirited, passionate and heart-felt Latin American folkloric sound.

We will also have resident Pachanga Sudaka DJs playing a mashup of Latin Music from cumbia, salsa and bachata through to Latin Ska, Fusion, Reggaton, Latinhop and a lot in- between.

Bristol Latin American Forum 2008 On The Web:

Live webcasting of workshops with interactive discussions (and further information) can be accessed at

    "Thank you for creating alternative spaces where we can talk and share our experiences. I had a very inspiring experience on that day." José Sagaz, Bolivia Solidarity Campaign, speaker at BLAF 2007

Key Participant Organisations: Colombia Solidarity Campaign, Bristol Solidarity with Venezuela, Cuba Solidarity, Kiptik, Espacio Bristol-Colombia, BLINC, Bolivia Solidarity Campaign, Mapuche International Link.


The Cube Cinema, 4 Princess Row, Kingsdown, BRISTOL, BS2 8NQ, UK
Doors 7pm

"Totó La Momposina is a force of nature. She carries the entire culture of the Caribbean coast on her strong shoulders. I had the privilege to follow Totó and her family from Cartagena to the great waters of the Magdalena river. I found the power of her voice exceeded only by her great commitment to the preservation of her heritage."
Jake Holmes (Director)
Cinema Klandestino poke their heads out of the Bristol underground for one showpiece night to present the UK premiere of La Colombiana. From the Caribbean coast of Colombia comes a woman whose music blends the essence of three disparate cultures, delicate indigenous melodies, powerful African rhythms and the soul of Spain. This film embodies all the passion, all the pain, and all the joys of Totó La Momposina's journey.

From her powerful performance at the Womad festival in England, this remarkable doyenne of the Colombian music scene takes us beyond the stage to her colourful homeland on the Caribbean coast of Colombia. Totó embodies that fertile place where African, indigenous Indian and Spanish cultures mingle to create a unique musical tradition. A magnificent singer and dancer, Totó's life story reads like a popular history of modern Colombia, peppered with hardship and triumph and doused in an abiding passion for the music and culture she has inherited. Not to be missed.

Joining us (hopefully in a fit state after the previous nights fiesta!) will be Colores de mi Tierra!



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