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Bulletin archive - Bulletin Issue5 February?March 2002
Monday, 08 September 2008 17:03
First of all, I say to comrades everywhere, especially my fighting comrades, Colombians and British people, and the organisations that fought so that we would achieve our objectives, this experience shows that when you struggle with solidarity and organisation it is possible to defeat globalisation in the world!


Globalisation is world wide, but this has been a clear example that the struggle is world wide as well and, when it is confronted with determination and commitment, the neoliberal model can be defeated. That is clear.

To sum up this experience - our struggle has been the product of the unity of many sectors, especially the community, the people and the workers. This unity became an immense struggle of many, many people that has allowed us to go forward and achieve the victory of stopping the privatisation and the price increases, as well as a commission inquiring into corruption. This is not only a defeat for neoliberalism, it is not only a victory for the workers, it is an example that should be followed closely and imitated.

Now we face a difficult period, because the government and the neoliberals may think that they can forget about the agreement they have signed, or that they can punished those of us who are in the leadership of the struggle allowing it to achieve its objectives. It is necessary to protect this process, and as well as protecting it, to demand that the government implements each one of the agreements without delay.

We believe that a struggle that is well carried out and well led can defeat neoliberalism, can defeat corruption and can defeat injustice in the world. And so we invite people to carry on fighting, because the people's struggle against injustice is definitively the only way forward.

Cali, 1st February 2002



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