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Bulletin archive - Bulletin Issue6 April?June 2002
Sunday, 07 September 2008 19:53
Thanks for all the e-mails we receive with important information about human rights violations, social injustice and the struggle of the people of Colombia. I have been forwarding these e-mails to all members of Praxis. Your work is very valuable and relevant and it really makes a difference.  

I am convinced that the outcome of the workers action at Emcali earlier this year would have been completely different had not been for your support and all the international support and involvement.

There is one piece of information which, I am sure, is not new to you but I think should be explicitly said regarding the killings of political and trade union leaders in Colombia. I am refering to the AUC, which is not just another independent, violent, guerrilla group in Colombia as many would like to put it. It has been proved that the Colombian Army is directly and indirectly involved in the actions of this group which was originally created under the instructions of the army and many officers continue to be part of it.

The AUC normally only operates in areas where there are military bases and only kill or massacre whole towns or individuals who, they believe, are enemies or potential enemies of the Colombian government, the army, the landowners or the multinationals like BP and Coca Cola.

Jaime Florez


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