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Indigenous leader of Jagua Community Assassinated Print
Thursday, 25 October 2012 21:17

The Orewa association denounces the selective murder of the Cabildo elder of an Awá community in Nuquí-Chocó during the morning of today, 21 October 2012.  The leader of the community, known as  Leobigildo Cunanpi Quiro, approximately 39 years old, was viciously killed by an armed group after  finishing an important meeting with his community.  The perpetrators have still not identified themselves, and there is no clear understanding within the community as to the exact causes which brought about this terrible act, but which certainly originated from his position of leadership, struggle and resistance, in the face of the violation of human rights in this territory of the Department of Chocó.


We should take note that this type of atrocity has now come to be committed systematically against the indigenous people of the region.  It is for this reason that we are issuing this public statement, as a sign of protest and emphatic rejection [of these acts] against our sister indigenous communities.

To the relatives and friends of our brother Leobigildo Cunanpi, we express our most heartfelt condolences, and are with them in this moment of suffering and pain.  The Orewa Association deplores this terrible act, and condemns it in its strongest terms.

This act of violence brings the number of murders to more than four, which have already occurred during the course of 2012, against the Embera people in the Department of Chocó.  For this reason, we call on the State to fulfil its duties, in guaranteeing the individual and collective rights that all indigenous peoples have.

Comunicaciones OREWA
Asociación de Cabildos Indígenas Wounaan, Embera Dobida, Katío, Chamí y Tule del Departamento del Chocó - OREWA

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