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Coal dust and disturbed dreams


The Cerrejon coal mine

By Richard Solly, member of Colombia Solidarity Campaign and Co-ordinator of London Mining Network

In August I participated in a delegation to the province of La Guajira in Colombia,  organised by US-based Witness for Peace. We visited communities affected by the Cerrejon Coal mine, owned by London-listed mining multinationals Anglo American, BHP and Glencore.


Fear and loathing in La Guajira


Report by Richard Solly of Colombia Solidarity Campaign and Co-ordinator of London Mining Network

It is sad to see fear on the faces of people you love because of the threats they are receiving.


We will continue to march for Peace



Ante la persecución a líderes y lideresas sociales: seguiremos caminando la Paz de Colombia y del continente

In the face of persecution of social leaders: we continue to march for Peace in Colombia and the continent.

Signed by over 120 national and international organisations.

Denunciamos la sistemática persecución del Gobierno colombiano contra el movimiento popular, defensores de derechos humanos, líderes y lideresas sociales y étnicos, expresión del terrorismo de Estado imperante en el país.

We denounce the systematic persecution and State terrorism which the Colombian government is carrying out against popular movements, human rights defenders, community and indigenous leaders, throughout the country.


Colombia: a choice between mining and food?


By Richard Solly

Last month, I represented Colombia Solidarity Campaign on a delegation organised by US organisation Witness for Peace to La Guajira in northern Colombia. We went to visit communities and workers affected by the massive opencast Cerrejón coal mine, owned by London-listed companies Anglo AmericanBHP Billiton and Glencore.




Workers at Carbones del Cerrejón Limited (*) voted on 7 March 2016 over 98% in favor of a general strike. The workers’ union Sintracarbón states "It has not been the intention of the union to strike, we were confident that the company would understand the just demands of the workers and give a particular procedure and appropriate solution".

The workers’ problems are serious. Their most difficult issue is health. 900 of the mine’s 13,000 workers suffer from illnesses caused by mining activity. They have diseases such as cancer and silicosis, presented mostly by people under 40 years. Neither the company nor the Guajira department can treat due to lack of specialized health centers. The corporation denies the existence of such health problems.

Another issue is increasing workload this year without corresponding wage increase.

Cerrejon’s bosses have sought to deny workers participation in trade union activities, directly affecting the stability of Sintracarbón. This goes against Article 39 of the Constitution of Colombia which enshrines freedom of association workers in unions without state intervention.

The environmental problem facing the population in La Guajira is another union demand. Most rivers in the department are dry because of mining . The workers have called for measures to protect the environment and restore water sources.

Source: Colombia Informa

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